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      Ben Kang Biopharmaceutical (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
      Tel: 0755-26405471
      Fax: 0755-86573069
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      Company Address: Nanshan District, Shenzhen City Taoyuan Street Tianliao Industrial Zone 9, 2nd Floor, east


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      ADC drug development engineer
      2 people salary 6000-20000
      Job Responsibilities:
      Lead the development, production and analysis of Monoclonal Antibody Coupling Drugs (ADCs);
      2, Leading the development of ADC antibody-coupled drugs related processes;
      3, to establish and carry out common ADC drug analysis;
      4, leading the optimization of ADC antibody coupling process;
      5, write standard operating procedures (SOP), establish ADC quality standards;
      job requirements:
      1. Biological or biochemical professional master's degree or above;
      2. Antibody structure, antibody markers have a deeper understanding;
      3. Experience with antibodies and antibody conjugates and familiarity with basic analytical methods for quantitation and characterization of antibodies and antibody conjugates are preferred (eg, gel electrophoresis, HPLC, protein quantitation);
      4. Has extensive experience in research and development of biopharmaceuticals (especially in antibody or ADC drugs) and cancer biology, with great enthusiasm for drug discovery and development;
      5 have good communication skills and organizational skills, and have a strong ability to analyze and solve problems;
      6. Work proactive, serious and serious, carefully and steadily, with a positive team spirit.

      Drug Analysis Researcher
      1 person salary 3000-8000
      Job Responsibilities:
      1, responsible for drug quality research, and develop experimental programs;
      2, responsible for the establishment and verification of new drug quality methods, and develop related programs;
      3, responsible for compiling the relevant registration information and original records;
      job requirements:
      1, familiar with antibody drug analysis technology, drug analysis, bachelor degree or above;
      2, more than 1 related work experience, can independently complete the quality of antibody drugs;
      3, Be familiar with the technical requirements of laws and regulations and guidelines for registration of new drugs, be familiar with the compilation and arrangement of application materials, be able to independently prepare registration application materials and original records;
      4, proficient use of a variety of conventional analytical instruments, master analytical instruments routine maintenance;
      5 have good communication skills and organizational skills, and have a strong ability to analyze and solve problems;
      6. Work proactive, serious and serious, carefully and steadily, with a positive team spirit.

      Clinical Trial Coordinator
      1 person salary 3000-8000
      Job Responsibilities:
      1. Responsible for coordinating day-to-day affairs of the company and research center, follow up the clinical trial progress of the company in clinical research center;
      2. To assist researchers to complete the various stages of the test document collection, collation, archiving;
      Assist the researcher in the management of the subject, including recruitment of the subject, screening of the potential subjects, arranging the interview of the subjects, arranging the laboratory tests and obtaining the examination results;
      4. Responsible for the management and counting of clinical research drugs and related materials of the company in the research center, including the receipt, preservation, distribution and recovery of drugs and related materials and the completion of related records;
      5. Assist researchers to complete other related work in clinical trials.
      job requirements:
      1. clinical medicine, pharmacy, nursing or related majors, college degree or above;
      2. Have a certain understanding of the content of clinical medicine, are interested in clinical drug research, and have prior experience in coordinating, supervising and auditing clinical research projects or receiving GCP trainees;
      3. Good organization and coordination and multi-tasking ability;
      4. Good written, verbal and communication skills;
      5 proficient use of office software such as word, power point, excel;
      6. Ability to quickly adapt to a new environment and learn new knowledge
      7. Can accept the case of travel or permanent clinical research center.

      Cell culture technicians
      4-6 people salary 4000-8000
      Job Responsibilities:
      1, in accordance with the company's cell culture standard procedures, responsible for immune cells (T, NK) culture, cell function and quality testing;
      2, GMP laboratory routine management, cleaning and environmental maintenance;
      3, reagent supplies and equipment routine management and maintenance;
      4, the leadership of other work arrangements;
      job requirements:
      1, biological, medical, laboratory and immunology, college degree or above;
      2. Experience in culture of immune cells (CIK, DC, NK, NKT, etc.) with routine laboratory techniques for cell biology (aseptic technique, cell culture, cell counting, centrifugation, sterilization, microscopy, Cytometry, cell killing experiments, etc.), have good experimental habits, can give priority to;
      3, work carefully, cautiously, strong sense of responsibility, good team spirit, love laboratory technology work;
      4, place of work: Shenzhen / Beijing / Zhongshan / Zhumadian and so on.

      Please indicate the resume to apply for resume:lizhengcheng07@163.com/645661033@qq.com/2519450001@qq.com
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